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About Me


I Love Animals

My mission is to provide excellent  health care for your pet while ensuring the patient’s comfort during exams, treatments and hospital stays.

I realize that a veterinary hospital can be a stressful environment for an animal so I approach every pet I treat with love and patience as I work with them.  My focus is on the overall well-being of your pet so they can be a healthy member of your family for many years to come.    


I want to help your pet and you

I have a thirst for knowledge.   I love learning and I love to implement the newest medicine when treating my patients.  

Veterinary medicine (much like human medicine) is ever changing.  Every day there is new peer reviewed research and I relish in immersing myself with new knowledge so that I can be the best that I can be for your pet.


A happy comfortable life for your pet

Talk to me about anything.  Ask me questions.  I always will take the time to fully explain, to the best of my knowledge, symptoms, behaviors, causes and options.  

Sometimes it takes both of us working together to find the best solution for you and your pet.   

I don’t give up. I search and search until we can find the real issue so your pet can live the happiest most comfortable life. 


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Come visit me

Now at Santa Monica Pet Medical Center

I love my pet families, so please call to make an appointment to visit during normal business hours.

Dr. Heather Napolitano

1534 14th Street, Santa Monica, California 90404, United States

Appointments: 310-431-9984


Mon - Thurs 7:30AM-8:00PM

Friday - 7:30AM-6:00PM

Sat & Sun - 8:00AM-5:00PM



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